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Featured Experts

Dr. Donald Chisholm

Photo of Dr. Donald ChisholmDonald Chisholm is Professor of Operations in the Joint Military Operations Department of the US Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. He earned his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Before joining the faculty of the Naval War College he taught at several universities, including the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was a founding member of the School of Public Policy and Social Research.

His book Waiting for Dead Men´s Shoes: Origins and Development of the U.S. Navy´s Officer Personnel System, 1793-1941 (Palo Alto, Calif.: Stanford Univ. Press, 2001) received the 2001 Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Distinguished Contribution to Naval Literature.

Christopher Hickey

Photo of Christopher HickeyMajor United States Army.
Assistant Professor Military Art and Science Program Co-ordinator at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

A&S ´93, a U.S. Army infantry officer who has served in Haiti, South Korea, and Iraq and now teaches at West Point. The course covers principles of strategy, game theory, and how military power interacts with diplomatic and economic power. Currently stationed at West Point as an instructor in the U.S. Army´s Department of Military Instruction, was selected for promotion to Major as strategic plans and policy officer.

Major Hickey is one of dozens of army instructors who impart war´s lessons to West Point´s cadets, Hickey recently returned from Iraq. As a military instructor, he is charged with preparing his cadets for war.

Thomas A. Kolditz, PhD

Photo of Thomas A. Kolditz, PhDColonel Tom Kolditz is the Professor and Head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. A native of New Athens, Illinois, Colonel Kolditz entered active duty in 1982 at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He has served in an array of tactical command and technical staff assignments worldwide, and as a leadership and human resources policy analyst in the Pentagon. Colonel Kolditz´s most recent troop assignment was from 1997 to 1999 as commander of an artillery battalion supporting the DMZ in the Republic of Korea. His department is responsible for teaching, research, and outreach activities in Engineering Psychology (Human Factors), General Psychology, Sociology, Leadership, and Management at West Point.

He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Vanderbilt University, as well as Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Social Psychology from the University of Missouri. He has also received a Master of Military Arts and Science degree from the School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

Colonel Kolditz has published across a diverse array of academic, military, and leadership trade journals, including Military Review, Performance, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the Journal of Personality, and Perception and Psychophysics, and serves on the editorial and advisory boards of several academic journals. He is a member of the Academy of Management, the American Psychological Association (Division 19, Military Psychology, and Division 14, Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology), the Society of Psychologists in Management, and is a Fellow in the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society. Colonel Kolditz has served as a research consultant in major Army studies, including the Secretary of the Army Senior Review Panel on Sexual Harassment (1997) and the Chief of Staff, Army Study Group on Well-being in the US Army (2000). His teaching and research interests center on applied social psychology and leadership, and on a concept called InExtremis Leadership—with special application to military, police, and extreme sport coaching. In April and May, 2003, he traveled throughout Iraq to study leadership and cohesion in small units during hostilities.

Off duty, Tom serves the Academy´s competitive skydiving team as a freefall videographer, rigger, and coach.

Professor Sandra A, Wawrytko, Ph.D.

Photo of Professor Sandra A, Wawrytko,  Ph.D.ACADEMIC AWARDS AND HONORS: 2002-03 Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Lecturer, SDSU - Phi Beta Kappa - Mortar Board Illinois State Scholarship, 1969-72 Knox College Scholarship, 1969-72 Washington University Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 1972-74 Washington University Fellowship, 1974-75 Theodore Hazen Kimble Memorial Award in Journalism (Knox College) Outstanding Young Women of America, 1982 Humanities Advancement Poetry Contest, second Prize, 1983?International Who´s Who Among Women, 1984-85 Seminar on Writing Across the Curriculum, SDSU, 1985 Official invitation from the People´s Republic of China representing San Diego´s educational community in the first visit to our Sister City, Yantai, 1985 Outside evaluator for the Graduate Program in Philosophy, University of New Mexico, 1988 Phi Beta Delta, SDSU, 1988 CSU Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, 1988, 1990 Most Influential Professor, Asian Studies, SDSU, 1994, 1995, 2000 California State University Performance Salary Step Increase Award: 1996; 1997; 1998 Faculty Merit Increase (FMI): 1999, 2000 Teaching General Education — CAL Course Revision Grant for Asian Studies, Fall, 1996 Secretary for Dean´s Committee on Formation of a Department of Asian Studies, Spring, 1997 CIBER Research Scholar 2001 (travel to Beijing for an international conference)

EDUCATION: Knox College, 1969-72, B.A., Magna cum Laude University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, 1970 University of Chicago, 1971 Washington University, St. Louis, 1972-76, M.A., Ph.D.

DISSERTATION: The Philosophical Systematization of a ´Feminine´ Philosophy in Terms of Taoism´s Tao Te Ching and the Works of Spinoza published as: The Undercurrent of ´Feminine´ Philosophy in Eastern and Western Thought (University Press of America, 1981)

Professor Allen Wittenborn, PhD

Photo of Professor Allen Wittenborn, PhDB.A., Chinese & Japanese Literature, San Francisco State University -M.A., International Relations, University of Oregon - Ph.D., Asian Studies, University of Arizona - SDSU faculties of Asian Studies and History Biographical Information: While pursuing his degrees, he lived and carried out research in Taiwan, Japan, and Germany. Upon completion of his final degree, Dr. Wittenborn took three months driving the "Overland India" route from London to New Delhi, India, including a two-week stay in Afghanistan.

Dr. Wittenborn first turned to business and became a private entrepreneur in the travel and tourism field. This led him to start his own company which required extensive travel in Asia throughout the 1980s, including a two-year residence aboard a Yangtze River cruise ship in China. Since 1988, Dr. Wittenborn has been fully engaged in university teaching and research. He has taught at Hawaii Pacific College in Honolulu, and locally at UC San Diego, Cal State San Marcos, and the University of San Diego.

Scholarly Interests: Neo-Confucianism —Traditional and Modern Southeast Asia—Indonesia—Burma and Malaysia—Trade and Development in the Indian Ocean — Human Rights in Asia

Research: Arab-Chinese wars of the Tang Dynasty — Malay-Chinese and Muslim-Christians Conflicts in Indonesia —The role of the CIA in Chinese Nationalist Armies in Burma

Dean Lundell

Photo of Mr. Dean E. Lundell, a former Vice President of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, Principal of a regional investment bank and Managing Director of his own trading firm can give the reader an insiders view of Wall Street.

Mr. Lundell joined Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith in early 1976 as a stockbroker. After three years in that capacity he was invited to join the institutional and?primary dealer operation of that firm, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets. After four years there he was promoted to Vice President. During this period, Mr. Lundell also taught college courses in the financial markets at Prairie State College.

Mr. Lundell left Merrill Lynch in 1989 to join Crestar Investment Bank in Richmond, Virginia as a Principal of that firm. He left after three years and returned to Chicago to establish his own trading firm, Osiris Trading, Ltd. where he continues as Managing Director to this day. Osiris Trading specializes in currency, interest rate and equity indices futures trading. Mr. Lundell is a licensed and registered Commodity Trading Advisor, a member of the National Futures Association and Treasury Management Association.

He is the author of Sun Tzu´s Art of War for Traders and Investors, published by McGraw-Hill in March of 1997.

Andrew Meyer

Photo of Andrew MeyerAndrew Meyer is an assistant professor in the Department of History at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

He first studied Chinese history at Brown University as an undergraduate, where he majored in East Asian Studies and spent a year abroad in Taiwan and mainland China. After returning to Taiwan for two years to study language, he entered Harvard University, where after more study in China and Japan he earned his doctorate in East Asian Languages and Civilization.

He is the author of several articles on Chinese intellectual history, including most recently "Only the Human Way May be Followed: Reading the Guodian Manuscripts Against the Mozi," which will be published in a forthcoming conference volume devoted to newly archaeologically discovered Chinese texts.

David Schaberg

Photo of David SchabergCo-Director CCS; Associate Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures UCLA

EDUCATION Harvard University 1989-1996 PhD, Comparative Literature (Chinese, Greek, and Latin literatures, with emphasis on early narrative and the development of historiography). Dissertation: "Foundations of Chinese Historiography: Literary Representation in Zuozhuan and Guoyu." National Taiwan University 1986-1988 Elective Student, Department of Chinese Literature - Stanford University 1982-1986 A.B., Humanities Special Programs: Comparative Literature: English, Chinese and German.

RESEARCH INTERESTS Pre-Qin Chinese historiography and thought; Chinese poetry; Chinese, Greek, and Latin comparative literature.

PUBLICATIONS A Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography (Harvard East Asian Monographs, 2005). Winner of the Joseph Levenson Prize of the Association of Asian Studies, 2003 (pre-1900 category). "Authoritative Rhetorics: Prose." Contribution to A Supplement to the Cambridge History of China, Volume I: Qin and Han (forthcoming). "Playing at Critique: Indirect Remonstrance and the Formation of Shi Identity." In Text and Ritual in Early China, ed. Martin Kern (2005). "The Anecdotal Hero in the Shiji." In Studies on the Shiji: A Volume of Collected Essays, ed. Michael Puett (forthcoming). "Platitude and Persona: Junzi comments in Zuozhuan and Beyond." In Historical Truth, Historical Criticism, and Ideology: Chinese Historiography and Historical Culture from a New Comparative Perspective, ed. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer et al. (2005). "Command and the Content of Tradition." In The Magnitude of Ming, ed. Christopher Lupke (2004). "Truth and Ritual Judgment: On Narrative Sense in China´s Earliest Historiography." Historically Speaking: Newsletter of the Historical Society (March 2004). Review of Moss Roberts, trans., Laozi: Dao De Jing: The Book of the Way. Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (forthcoming). Review of Yuri Pines, Foundations of Confucian Thought: Intellectual Life in the Chunqiu Period (722-453 B.C.E.); Journal of Asian Studies 63 (2004). "The Logic of Signs in Early Chinese Rhetoric." In Thinking Through Comparison: Ancient China and Greece, ed. Stephen Durrant and Steven Shankman (2002). "Song and Commemoration in Early China." Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 59 (Dec. 1999). "Travel, Geography, and the Imperial Imagination in Fifth-Century Athens and Han China," Comparative Literature 51 (Spring 1999). "Remonstrance in Eastern Zhou Historiography." Early China 22 (Spring 1998).

Lars Cook

Photo of Lars CookLars is a graduate from Dundee University in Scottish History. He has been an historical researcher for a company specializing in recreating events that have shaped Scottish history.

Lars is an expert on the battle tactics of Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) and the Scottish wars of Independence.

He is also an expert in the use of Medieval Weaponry.