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The Art of War has been one of the most read books in human history and yet remarkably this book has not been made into a film - until now. It is fair to say that the book is considered by many to be difficult to understand as it is really a book of lists of what to do and what not to do in a range of varying situations relating to conflict. Art of War - The Film finally presents this complete work in a way that is both understood and engaging. How and Why it was done is explained by Producer/Director Walt Missingham:

" Initially I was surprised that a film on this work had not already been done but as I commenced work on doing just that it became more apparent how difficult a task it was. You see the art of War does not tell a story in the traditional sense but rather presents lists of what to do and what not to do. The challenge was just how to tackle it but in the end the best way was to present the film as the book is presented, chapter by chapter.

Having decided this, it was then a matter of researching and securing the very best experts we could who would lend their support to the film. The level of cooperation we received from the United States Military, Military Intelligence and the various Universities was nothing short of outstanding.

Every person gave freely of their time and we were able to get such a diverse range of experts that their differing perspectives on the Art of War only served to expand our understanding on the ways the Art of War can and has been applied - and not just in warfare but in business and other every day pursuits.

The final component was getting the right footage to augment the interviews and that was a painstaking process that took over a year. I did not just want footage that worked but wherever possible I wanted it to be colour footage.

The film was tested with a number of authorities on the Art of War and they were pleased with the job that we had done. "When can I get a copy?" was the most asked question so we were pleased.

When producing the film Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do I took the responsibility of making the only film on Bruce Lee's martial arts legacy very seriously - I approached making 'The Art of War' in the same way - understanding how this book has impacted on so many people's lives but at the same time producing a program that you can watch and learn from".